Launch: Mai 2016

Distribuitor: Odeon Film

Name: X-Men: Apocalypse

Directed by: Brian Singer

Script: Simon Kinberg

By Flavius

Ever since “Batman v Superman” happened, it seems the super hero genre is under severe scrutiny. Critics are all over the place with pretty much every new release, grades are lower than expected. Is this some sort of ripple effect? I don’t doubt the reviews, especially the ones made by independent film critics. “X-Men: Apocalypse” got some mixed reactions across the globe and after seeing it during the Romanian press release, I have to say I partially understand why. But it is by no means a five grader. We don’t usually use our spoiler review card here at F must see, but in order to properly defend this movie, we pulled it out of our sleeve.

So without any further divagation, let’s deep dive into the F must see spoiler rich review.

!!!!Warning spoilers ahead!!!! Citește în continuare