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Launch Date: December 16th

Distribuitor : CineForum

Title: „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Direction: Gareth Edwards

Screenplay: Chris Weitz, Tony Gilroy

By Flavius

For a diehard Star Wars fan like myself, who grew up watching the original trilogy on VHS until the tape broke, played with every Star Wars toy I could get my hands on, read Alan Dean Foster and Timothy Zahn’s books pretty much as soon as they hit the shelves and viewed the entire experience with childish awe, it can be difficult to stay calm and objective at a Star Wars press release. Happily, there is a side of me that bypassed the emotionally rigged movie critic, partially due to experience and partially, though I hate to say it, because I grew up. One thing I cannot change or avoid in any way, is the excitement and joy I feel, whenever I get to see a new addition to this beloved universe. I felt it during the viewing of Episode VII (that I defend from naysayers to this day) and I certainly felt it as I sat in my IMAX seat today during the Romanian press release for “Rogue One”.

But before I continue, let me just say that this is a spoiler free review of the IMAX version. Even so I will refer to events and characters revealed during the promotional trailers and panels, excluding Jiang Wen’s spoileroni bomb, dropped with maximum effect at the Star Wars celebration panel. Citește în continuare


Numar de sezoane: 3

Numar de episoade: 39

Dezvoltat de: Brian Fuller 

by Silvia Puiu

Scriu această recenzie sub impactul începutului de sezon 3, dar și sub cel aflării veștii că NBC a anulat acest serial. Singura speranță ar fi legată de preluarea show-ului de către Netflix, care este perceput asemeni unui salvator, pentru multe seriale anulate. În primul rând, trebuie să menționez că nu oricine poate digera acest serial atipic, cu care NBC și-a asumat un risc destul de mare. Motivul anulării pare a fi legat de audiență și implicit de bani, unele publicații menționînd ironic la cauze: ratingul și dolarii. Citește în continuare