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Captain-America-Civil-War-Teaser-PosterLaunch: April – May 2016

Distribuitor : Cineforum

Name: Captain America: Civil War

Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Script: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely

By Flavius

Before we deep dive into what makes this film tick, I’ll just throw it out there: The Russo’s did it again. And though it sounds like something related to a mob hit, it really is as simple as that, they nailed it. Probably the best “Civil War” trait is balance.What could have been a perfect opportunity for overly dramatic swan songs, became an action packed, fast paced, smartly written film, with a knack for good humor and good cinematography. Fight scenes are extremely well choreographed and visually intense, merging CGI, pyrotechnics and stunts seamlessly and fluidly. Citește în continuare

rush_ver4_xlgNume film (RO): Rush- rivalitate și adrenalină

Regie: Ron Howard

Scenariu: Peter Morgan

By Flavius

Pentru cei ce nu sunt familiarizați cu Formula 1, vestitul campionat de curse, este greu de înțeles tot vacarmul din jurul acestui subiect. Citește în continuare