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unspecifiedDistributor : Freeman Entertainment

Name: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Direction: Zack Snyder

Screenplay: Chris Terrio and David S. Goyder

By Flavius

Alright, so before I start, let me just say that this will be a long review, written from the perspective of a somewhat detached and honestly objective fan of comics, graphic novels and “con” culture in general. I was about to write “fan of DC” but in fact all who know me will tell you, I love Marvel and DC equally. I have never understood the need, to have the two separate universes clashing in a battle for supremacy. When I think of how far this goes, downgrading human interaction to real hate rants I am completely surprised. I do understand how passion for something can throw logic and purpose out the window, and engulf wisdom and rationality in emotion and loss of control. But whether Marvel or DC, or neither, super hero media has been a part of my childhood, it is a part of my adult life and I care very little for debates that put fans in conflict.

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images (2)Nume film (RO): EA

Regie: Spike Jonze

Scenariu: Spike Jonze

By Gabrielle & Flavius

Filmul “Her” se bucură de numeroase aprecieri din partea criticilor de film, fiind premiat la festivitatea “Golden Globe” din acest an pentru cel mai bun scenariu Citește în continuare

american-hustle-poster-2Nume film (RO): American Hustle : Țeapă în stil american

Regie: David O. Russell

Scenariu: Eric SingerDavid O. Russell

By Gabrielle

Filmul “American Hustle” se lansează în România în săptămâna imediat următoare festivității de decernare a Globurilor de Aur 2014, așa că beneficiază de premize bune. Citește în continuare

Man-of-Steel_01Nume film (RO): Man of Steel : Eroul

Regie: Zack Snyder

Scenariu: David S. Goyer , Christopher Nolan

By Flavius

Primul film pe care l-am văzut care să abordeze ideea de supererou a fost “Superman”; mă refer la filmul ecranizat în 1978, sub direcția lui Richard Donner. Citește în continuare