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Data de lansare: 17 Februarie 2017

Regie: Chad Stahelski

Scenariu: Derek Kolstad

By Silvia Puiu

John Wick 2 este o continuare a filmului John Wick (2014), pe care trebuie să îl vedeți înainte. Nu pentru că nu ați înțelege mecanica filmului, ci, pentru că nu puteți pătrunde în totalitate psihologia filmului și a personajului central. Și, poate mai important decât asta, este greu să vedeți progresul artistic al filmului, care jonglează în această parte a doua cu magia culorilor. Din acest punct de vedere, filmul amintește de The Guest (2014). Scena oglinzilor din John Wick 2 este mult mai lungă și mai dark, dar destul de asemănătoare cu cea din The Guest. Citește în continuare


Launch Date: December 16th

Distribuitor : CineForum

Title: „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Direction: Gareth Edwards

Screenplay: Chris Weitz, Tony Gilroy

By Flavius

For a diehard Star Wars fan like myself, who grew up watching the original trilogy on VHS until the tape broke, played with every Star Wars toy I could get my hands on, read Alan Dean Foster and Timothy Zahn’s books pretty much as soon as they hit the shelves and viewed the entire experience with childish awe, it can be difficult to stay calm and objective at a Star Wars press release. Happily, there is a side of me that bypassed the emotionally rigged movie critic, partially due to experience and partially, though I hate to say it, because I grew up. One thing I cannot change or avoid in any way, is the excitement and joy I feel, whenever I get to see a new addition to this beloved universe. I felt it during the viewing of Episode VII (that I defend from naysayers to this day) and I certainly felt it as I sat in my IMAX seat today during the Romanian press release for “Rogue One”.

But before I continue, let me just say that this is a spoiler free review of the IMAX version. Even so I will refer to events and characters revealed during the promotional trailers and panels, excluding Jiang Wen’s spoileroni bomb, dropped with maximum effect at the Star Wars celebration panel. Citește în continuare


Launch: Mai 2016

Distribuitor: Odeon Film

Name: X-Men: Apocalypse

Directed by: Brian Singer

Script: Simon Kinberg

By Flavius

Ever since “Batman v Superman” happened, it seems the super hero genre is under severe scrutiny. Critics are all over the place with pretty much every new release, grades are lower than expected. Is this some sort of ripple effect? I don’t doubt the reviews, especially the ones made by independent film critics. “X-Men: Apocalypse” got some mixed reactions across the globe and after seeing it during the Romanian press release, I have to say I partially understand why. But it is by no means a five grader. We don’t usually use our spoiler review card here at F must see, but in order to properly defend this movie, we pulled it out of our sleeve.

So without any further divagation, let’s deep dive into the F must see spoiler rich review.

!!!!Warning spoilers ahead!!!! Citește în continuare

Captain-America-Civil-War-Teaser-PosterLaunch: April – May 2016

Distribuitor : Cineforum

Name: Captain America: Civil War

Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Script: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely

By Flavius

Before we deep dive into what makes this film tick, I’ll just throw it out there: The Russo’s did it again. And though it sounds like something related to a mob hit, it really is as simple as that, they nailed it. Probably the best “Civil War” trait is balance.What could have been a perfect opportunity for overly dramatic swan songs, became an action packed, fast paced, smartly written film, with a knack for good humor and good cinematography. Fight scenes are extremely well choreographed and visually intense, merging CGI, pyrotechnics and stunts seamlessly and fluidly. Citește în continuare

unspecifiedDistributor : Freeman Entertainment

Name: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Direction: Zack Snyder

Screenplay: Chris Terrio and David S. Goyder

By Flavius

Alright, so before I start, let me just say that this will be a long review, written from the perspective of a somewhat detached and honestly objective fan of comics, graphic novels and “con” culture in general. I was about to write “fan of DC” but in fact all who know me will tell you, I love Marvel and DC equally. I have never understood the need, to have the two separate universes clashing in a battle for supremacy. When I think of how far this goes, downgrading human interaction to real hate rants I am completely surprised. I do understand how passion for something can throw logic and purpose out the window, and engulf wisdom and rationality in emotion and loss of control. But whether Marvel or DC, or neither, super hero media has been a part of my childhood, it is a part of my adult life and I care very little for debates that put fans in conflict.

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by Silvia Puiu

Prima parte o puteți citi aici. Vă readuc aminte că toate filmele, cu excepția bonusului de astăzi, pot fi vizionate pe Netflix (puteți încerca trial o lună). Cinci sunt filme europene (4 Franța, 1 Germania), iar Copenhagen este regizat de un canadian debutant, dar acțiunea se petrece în Danemarca. Netflix are toate filmele aproape cu denumirea în engleză, chiar și când filmele nu sunt americane/englezești și nu au subtitrare în engleză 🙂 Citește în continuare

by Silvia Puiu

Pentru că e luna iubirii sau așa se zice, m-am gândit să pregătesc o selecție de filme pentru romantice, un pic diferite de clasicele comedii romantice clișeu în care iubiții se ceartă, se împacă, iar se ceartă, îi face serenade și la final plâng amândoi fericiți și bla bla bla ….. Nu vreau să prezint nici filmele alea create din nevoia de film erotic stilizat gen Nymphomaniac, Fifty Shades of Grey. Prefer să văd Fifty Shades of Black (parodia scrisă de Marlon Wayans). Apoi, m-am gândit să va prezint filme de care poate nu ați auzit și pe care le puteți găsi pe Netflix, fără să recurgeți la piraterie. Oricine poate să-și facă un cont pe Netflix și să profite la maxim măcar de cele 30 de zile gratuite. Citește în continuare

deadpool-432907l-1600x1200-n-e621865fLaunch: 12.02.2016

Distributor : Odeon

Duration: 108 minutes (give or take some after credit scene)

Directed by: Tim Miller (aka take it or leave it)

Screenplay: Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese (because one writer is so not trendy)

By Flavius

When it comes to approaching tricky screen material, it doesn’t get any more challenging than Deadpool, at least not in the super hero genre. You have a loud mouth, profane, ugly to look at, fourth wall breaking anti-hero, with no concern for political correctness, constantly zig zagging between real world puns and using virtually every curse word available in the urban dictionary. I mean forget the “f-bomb” this guy looks like a testicle and talks like an ass. Citește în continuare

Afis_Jocurile Foamei - Revolta Partea a doua

Data lansare: 20 noiembrie 2015

Distribuitor : CineForum

Nume film (RO): Jocurile Foamei: Revolta Partea a Doua

Regie: Franciss Lawrence

Scenariu: Peter Craig, Danny Strong

By Flavius

Partea a doua a partii a treia (fara shto) din trlilogia “Hunger Games”, “Mockingjay: Part Two” a ajuns weekendul trecut in cinematografe, spre mai marea bucurie a fanilor seriei. Suzanne Collins isi poate gasi linistea, stiind ca ecranizarea volumelor sale nu va mai fi disecata, portionata si trunchiata, iar Katniss Everdeen si-a incheiat drumul initiatic catre monologul interior de final.

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