Captain-America-Civil-War-Teaser-PosterLaunch: April – May 2016

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Name: Captain America: Civil War

Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Script: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely

By Flavius

Before we deep dive into what makes this film tick, I’ll just throw it out there: The Russo’s did it again. And though it sounds like something related to a mob hit, it really is as simple as that, they nailed it. Probably the best “Civil War” trait is balance.What could have been a perfect opportunity for overly dramatic swan songs, became an action packed, fast paced, smartly written film, with a knack for good humor and good cinematography. Fight scenes are extremely well choreographed and visually intense, merging CGI, pyrotechnics and stunts seamlessly and fluidly.

capposterEvery piece of the visual puzzle is in the right place at the right time. While the first part of the film holds its ground and keeps a steady pace, once the entire united nations treaty storyline unfolds, we get into long dialogue scenes and spy film like overtures to other action scenes. However, it never felt out of rhythm and it made sense. There is a psychological dimension to the civil war comic book that transcends onto the big screen, as we understand the motives of the big divide. It is not the choices but the reason behind it that the Russo’s so clearly define with their direction.

hrteamcapChristopher Markus’ and Stephen McFeely’s screenplay does fall short of the source material. In way it was to be expected. Anyone who has ever read the “Civil War” comic book will tell you, there a myriad of reasons why it could not be placed as is into a film. Apart from some central character rights “owned” by other parties and complex narratives that would make such an endeavor worthy of a two part Avengers title, there is also the problem of characters that were never even part of the MCU. So given the circumstances and limitations, as well as the need to adapt and somehow reinvent, the script is somewhat acceptable. The biggest problem I have with the script, rests in this film’s title. This is not a “Captain America” movie.

Thoroughly entertaining and action packed, “Captain America: Civil War” draws most of its stamina from the previous chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever it accomplishes in terms of entertainment, is not the result of its title character, nor of its singular body of artistic work. It is not a standalone movie, not if you want to fully understand and enjoy it. Therefore, it is also not the best subject of debate, in the famous “Batman v Superman” rant. Civil War is the result of many years of development of an entire cinematic world. Its impact derives from many hours of storylines and it does an amazing job on capitalizing this cinematic investment. The effects are solid, the fighting is gripping and the final duel pays visual tribute to the source material. It is just as much a Captain America film, as it is an Iron Man film. Secondary avengers get a ton of screen time. Even with Thor and Hulk missing, they should have still simply called it: Avengers: Civil War.

The introduction of new characters also surprisingly did not take a toll on the films cohesiveness and coherence.

black-panther-high-resBlack Panther’s entrance wowed, and for good reason. The Russo’s didn’t just rush him in for claws sake. Chadwick Boseman’s acting was convincing. His story arc as T’Challa got enough attention, to depict his relationship with his father and his internal struggle to find peace and balance, between the need for justice and the looming threatening fall into the circle of violence. While a bit cliché, the African King’s wisdom will be a completely new and welcome segment for the future of the Avengers. The Panther suit is amazing. They even teased his supernatural nature. Can’t wait to see where that is going.

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

As for Spidey, well, he truly is the best Spider-Man to ever grace “theaters near you”. He is indeed just a kid, but a brilliant one, with a vertical moral code and a big mouth. Just the kind of web thrower we like. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will have you laugh and “awwww”. Again I must go back to congratulating the casting process, how they always find the right people for the job beats me, especially in a genre that becomes more and more difficult to correctly execute. The Spidey suit complete with refracting lenses, meant to dim the impact of his exacerbated senses, courtesy of a Stark in need, is also a true geek fest.

Add in a bit of romantic tension between The Vision and Scarlet Witch, the usual RDJ flair, a well-grounded performance by Chris Evans, a charming, intense Sebastian Stan, a bit of Paul Rudd chatter and you get what I would call a pretty robust acting structure. Everyone gets time to shine, everyone gets their one liners. It is truly amazing when you think just how many characters had to make their mark. I’ve seen less heavy scripts succumb under the weight of the cast.

Henry Jackman’s choice for situational music seemed a bit faint. It just didn’t click with me and in general with the action on screen. There is not one musical phrase that followed me out of the theatre. It was not bad but certainly not great. “Civil War” seems to rest its entire sound composition on bombastic sound effects and prolonged monotone sequences. It never got to the point of taking anything away, but it also didn’t add anything inventive or new. It is as if music and soundtrack was content on just punching the clock on time.

Da word from F must see, is “Captain America: Civil War” what it’s supposed to be?

captain-america-vs-iron-man-mnn01ddcuq06005xuw0ngmx7dxzjlezfouidbktg54It sure is. And it is a must see for any MCU fan. It does a great job at adapting even if diminishing the source material, to the cinematic continuity of the francize. While paying visual homage to many of the great “Civil War” comic book scenes, it also introduces Black Panther and Spider-Man in a big way. The acting does the job, CGI and practical effects blend in perfectly in the by now traditional Marvel way. I wish the script was a bit more courageous, because in the end let’s face it, apart from some heavy bruises, this is a war with no casualties. But given what is yet to come I understand the reason why they spared the bloodshed.


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